Solid Cologne, Bourbon

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The Solid Cologne, Bourbon scent for guys that need a quick freshening up.

Let's get real. The idea is that YOU make the grand entrance, not your cologne. This solid cologne is ideal for guys that work hard and have the "fragrance" to prove it. Pop open the tin container, rub some of the balm on your fingertips, and apply where and as often as you need to. Voila! The oak barrel scent with a touch of bourbon aroma will have you smelling fine.

Keep it in your toolbox, glove box, desk drawer, or anywhere you put in an honest day's work. Your lady friend and the rest of us will really appreciate it!

Product Features
  • Solid Cologne, Bourbon features:
    • 1.5 oz. tin
    • Oak barrel scent, not boozy
    • Made in USA
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