Shamrock Soap and Body Wash Set

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Feel just a wee bit luckier and smell minty fresh with the Shamrock Soap and Body Wash Set.

Get squeaky clean in the shower, or tub if you fancy, with the Big Arse Brick Of Soap or THICK Body Wash. The magically smellicious minty fragrance will have you feeling the Luck of the Irish getting through a hard day of work, or maybe hitting a Bulls Out at your local pub. Sláinte!

Gift Set Includes (drum roll, please!)
  • Shamrock Soap and Body Wash Set features:
    • 10 oz. Big Arse Brick of Soap - Shamrock
    • 17.5 oz. Shamrock THICK Body Wash
    • Wicked minty scent with rich Gaelic lather
    • Bar soap is triple milled for superior quality
    • Body wash has plant-based thickeners for superior lather
    • Duke Cannon donates a portion of proceeds to US Veterans causes
    • Made in USA
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