Jingle Booze Holiday Book 2023

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Give the Jingle Booze Holiday Book 2023 for three times the smell-goodness of Duke Cannon!

Reminiscent of the candy-infused gift books of Christmas' past, your recipient can sing along to the diddy inside while enjoying one of the awesome booze-inspired soaps.  While the soaps really smell nothing like booze, they do have woodsy scents that men and women appreciate. With three soap bars included, it's a great deal for you and them! 😜

Product Features
  • Jingle Booze Holiday Book 2023 features:
    • 3, count 'em, 3 - 10 oz. bar soaps
    • Bay Rum Soap with citrus musk, cedarwood, and island spices
    • Big American Bourbon with Buffalo Trace oak barrel scent
    • Busch Beer with sandalwood scent
    • Made in USA by humans, not tipsy elves
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