Herbal Bath Tea

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Indulge in a relaxing bath with this Herbal Bath Tea and enjoy the healing benefits of plants.

Soothing to both your skin and your spirit, this all natural blend will become your luxurious escape from the day. Simply add 1/3 of the blend to the included compostable bag, place in your bath to "steep," let the water cool to the touch, then breathe deeply and soak. Add some aromatic candles and you have your perfect spa retreat.

Product Features
  • Herbal Bath Tea features:
    • 2 oz. herbal tea blend in glass jar with white metal lid
    • Organic Oats, Chamomile, Rose, Calendula
    • Add 1/3 jar to included compostable bag, place in bath to "steep," let cool to touch
    • Makes 3 baths
    • Made in the Austin, TX
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