Chimes of Pluto™ - Blue Wash

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The Chimes of Pluto™ - Blue Wash is named for the outermost planet in our Solar System. This wind chime is designed and handcrafted for superior musical performance and enjoyment.

This chime is hand-tuned to a universal pentatonic (five-note) scale, creating a random pattern of wonderfully mesmerizing sounds when flowing with the wind. Because of this, we think you will find many opportunities to sit and listen for extended periods of time to its relaxing melody.

Make this chime a memorable gift when you personalize the windcatcher. You can easily remove and take the windcatcher to a trophy or print shop, or jeweler, for engraving or silk-screening.

Product Features
  • Chimes of Pluto™ - Blue Wash features:
    • Blue wash finish wood
    • Six silver aluminum tubes
    • Removable windcatcher for easy customization
    • Overall length: 27" ~ diameter 6"
    • Designed in the USA, made in China
Personalizing The Windcatcher
Need a hand in removing the windcatcher? Watch this video and see how easy it is, or download the instructions for easy reference.
Tuning Guarantee
The chime has a lifetime tuning guarantee from Woodstock Chimes.
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