Big Bandit Bar Soap

01SHAMROCK Suite #502

The Big Bandit Bar Soap is back for a LIMITED TIME. Will you be one of the lucky few?

Reminisce of those July 4th celebrations as a kid and setting off firecrackers and Roman candles, family and friends gathered around with good food, celebrating our nation's birthday. The kind of celebration that takes place in Duke Cannon country.

Capture that feeling every time you bathe (you do bathe, right??) with the rich, smoky scent. Top that with the fact this man-sized bar of soap is made right here in the USA. Makes you want to grab a sparkler and beer and have your own parade!

Product Features
  • Big Bandit Bar Soap features:
    • 10 oz. bar soap
    • Rich, smoky scent
    • Limited availability
    • Made in USA
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