Gringos Cafe De Olla

Available Online and In-Store Suite #502


Back by popular demand, seriously, Whiskey Morning Coffee's #1 flavor Gringos Cafe De Olla is coming back for the Holiday Season.

This popular blend originates in name from the classic Mexican coffee drink called Cafe De Olla, which is a traditional drink of dark raw brown sugar and cinnamon brewed in a clay pot.

What, you ask, makes this Whiskey Morning Coffee so special? Only real ingredients of brown sugar and cinnamon are used. There are no artificial flavorings or oils used in the roasting or blending process. None. Zippo. Or for this particular blend, nada!

Since most of us don't have clay brewing pots handy, the preferred method for brewing is in a French press, or a percolator (ask your grandparents if you don't know what that is 😆!).

This blend won't be around for long so don't delay and order now, amigo! Only available in Ground due to the mixing of the ingredients.

Product Features
  • Gringos Cafe De Olla Coffee features:
    • Nutty, slightly sweet, cinnamon coffee flavor, cinnamon aroma
    • Only available in Ground
    • 10 ounce bag
    • Dark roast
    • Real brown sugar, real cinnamon. Real good!
    • Preferred brewing method: French press or percolator
    • Imported Brazilian beans, aged, roasted, and mixed in Texas
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