Fall Creek Thrasher Coffee

Available online. 

Are you nuts for the taste of pecans? We think you will be with the Fall Creek Thrasher Coffee.

This nutty brew is a delightful blend of real toasted pecan chunks mixed with brown sugar and nothing else. Well, ground coffee. We think it's an ideal blend for sipping and enjoying on a lazy day. Or kick it up a notch with some spirits. Gather your friends around the table or out on the patio and enjoy some pecan-y goodness!

The Flavors of the Month are only available in Ground due to the mixing of the ingredients. And, each flavor is available in a very limited quantity, so you best order now and not miss out. Cheers!

Product Features
  • Fall Creek Thrasher Coffee features:
    • Real toasted pecan chunks and brown sugar
    • No oils or artificial flavorings
    • Only available in Ground
    • 10 ounce bag
    • Medium roast
    • Preferred brewing method: French press or percolator
    • Imported coffee beans, aged, roasted, and mixed in Texas
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