Cat Toy Balls, 3-Pack

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Want a safe and fun toy for your cat? Then this Cat Toy Balls, 3-Pack is just the ticket!

Made from recycled heavy-duty cardboard and non-toxic foodsafe glue, your cat will be entertained by the spins and wobbles of these balls. Cats need safe playtime to satisfy their natural hunting instincts and, yes, relieve stress. Your cat will love batting these toy balls around the house. And they are fun for you as you toss them to your cat and watch them chase after the wobbly ball. Plus, they are easy on your bare foot! Each pack includes 1-each: round, hex, and x-shape. Safe for the environment as the cardboard can be recycled when your feline has worn these out.

Product Features
  • Cat Toy Balls, 3-Pack features:
    • 1-½" diameter, approx., 3 cardboard balls to a pack
    • Recycled heavy-duty cardboard and non-toxic foodsafe glue
    • 100% Made in the USA
    • Spritz with catnip for a special treat
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