Homemade Eggnog Bar Soap

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The Homemade Eggnog Bar Soap is a super-duper stocking stuffer for whoever needs a big ass bar of soap!

Great for bathing, not so great for adding to the Eggnog bowl. It's super lathery and smells great with the toasted nutmeg and musk scent. There's nothing dainty about this whopping 10 ounce bar soap, giving you hours of scrub-a-dub-dub goodness. Makes for a great gift for you, and all of your guy and gal friends! 😜

Product Features
  • Homemade Eggnog Bar Soap features:
    • 10 oz. bar soap
    • Toasted nutmeg and musk scent
    • Made in USA by humans, not tipsy elves
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